City Ordinances Minimize
The City of Shelbyville's Code of Ordinances can be viewed, in its entirety and for free, at the website of American Legal Publishing.  Sections of the Code that are of particular interest are listed below, as downloadable files.
Shelbyville Nonsmoking Ordinance -- The full text of the city's nonsmoking ordinance.  *Effective date August 1, 2006.
            The Shelbyville Citizens' Guide to the City's Nonsmoking Ordinance -- Information and answers
            to frequently asked questions about the new law.
            Nonsmoking Exemption Form -- Form that must be used to claim an exemption to
            the nonsmoking ordinance.  No one may claim any exemption to the ordinance as a bar, as a
            private club, or within a self-enclosed bar area until completing the registration process with the
            City Attorney.
            Smoking Violation Complaint Form -- Form used to register a complaint with the City Attorney or
            the Mayor.
If you have any questions, please call Trent Meltzer, the City Attorney, at 398-6624.